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Solved: Battlefield V unable to connect to EA servers

Fixes also Battlefield VHOW TO FIX: You have lost connection with EA servers - Easy Tutorial - this also work with every other EA games when having problem c.. If the game server that you want to connect is down or under maintenance, you will no doubt fail to connect to EA servers. So go and check the EA servers status on the official or from the support when you're having the issue. If there is something wrong with the EA server, you can do nothing but wait for it to restart UPDATE: Finally got to the bottom of the problems and unlike all the issues with connectivity we have had with previous battlefield releases this one is beca.. Getting this message atm., anybody else? I'm on PC. Gotta say my patience with EA/DICE/BF5 is slowly wearing out

Unable to connect? Nothing is wrong with your connection or PC. EA servers are too busy. Try again and again and againYou may get also error code 2396. N.. Type easo.ea.com in the window where you see the server list. This works for most EA titles. If you're having trouble connecting to Star Wars™: The Old Republic™, choose your server location from this list and test your connection to it instead of easo.ea.com: East Coast:; West Coast:; Europe: EA-Server down: Die Verbindung zu den Servern scheint derzeit nur eingeschränkt oder gar nicht möglich zu sein. Spieler melden Fehlermeldungen in Spielen wie FIFA 20 FUT und Battlefield 5. Die.. Wer also aktuell bei FIFA 20 keine Verbindung zu den EA Servern bekommt, bei Apex Legends auf den Fehlercode 100 trifft oder wem bei Battlefield 5 die Meldung »unable to connect« angezeigt wird.

But I have at least narrowed it down the router. I connected the Xbox with a mobile hotspot on my phone and it connected to the ea servers. The funny thing when I was connected to my router, it would connect with other games I tried. It connected with black ops and I could get in a game. It even would connect with madden 19, which is real funny, because they are EA servers also. I can't. I had Battlefield V standard edition on origin but today I bought ea play on steam. When I installed it on Steam, it was assigned to the origin account. However, now I have 2x Battlefield V in the origin library. One bf5 has a steam icon and the other one does not. I wanted to play the one without the steam icon because the bf5 with steam. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to. In some rare cases, Unable To Connect error can be due to an issue with your EA account. Make sure that you're signed in to the account that purchased this game and that this account is not.. Failed to connect to EA Online Revolver and Pickaxe locked. Unable to claim in-game. 0. GRAW2ROBZ. 2641 posts Member, Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline, Battlefield, Battlefield 1, Battlefield V Member. May 5, 2019 8:06PM Rex_Holez said: It's back on for me. Still down for me on XBOX1. I closed out the game and retried. Also rebooted the XBOX1 still no DICE. 0. superteds.

Find details about the impact of our Miami FGDC, a New FGDC in Buenos Aires, the Input Overlay, and Report Match For Connection Quality options in our April 2021 update. Read More FIFA 21 Ultimate Team - FUT Birthday - EA SPORTS Official Sit EA Play jetzt über die EA Desktop App für Xbox Game Pass für PC verfügbar. Electronic Arts Inc. 18.03.2021. EA Desktop, unsere Next-Generation-PC-Plattform, befindet sich in der offenen Beta. Wir arbeiten mit Xbox zusammen, um PC-Spielern weitere Spiele zu bieten. Mehr lesen EA Play Spotlight - März 2021. Electronic Arts Inc. 01.03.2021. Erfahre alles über die neuesten Belohnungen und. I've been unable to get on for the last couple of hours - Bart screen. Anyone else having the same problem? Unable to connect. zlevell786. 219 posts Member. September 21, 2017 6:56PM . I've been unable to get on for the last couple of hours - Bart screen. Anyone else having the same problem? 0. Replies. Castiel19x. 4279 posts Member. September 21, 2017 7:10PM. No problem for me, try. 'Battlefield 5' servers have lost connection for the time being. EA/DICE. While the connectivity problems have yet to be resolved, EA has responded to fans via the EA Help Twitter account You have lost connection to EA servers Battlefield 1, CTE, BF1IncursionsAlpha, Battlefield V Member. August 26, 2018 5:44PM. Lost connection again. 2. JRMBelgiumTwitch. 785 posts Member, Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline, Battlefield, Battlefield 1, CTE, BF1IncursionsAlpha, Battlefield V Member. August 26, 2018 5:46PM . RRedux wrote: » Doh, already a thread about it.

Troubleshooting your Battlefield V connectio

  1. After that, check whether the issue of Apex Legends unable to connect to ea Servers is fixed. Way 3. Clear Cache on Your PC. Most of the cache that might affect your game's connection to EA servers is stored in the host files of the Apex application. So, in order to fix the issue Apex Legends unable to connect, you can choose to clear cache on your PC. Now, here is the tutorial. End the Apex.
  2. FIFA 20: Deine Verbindung zu den EA-Servern wurde unterbrochen. Wenn in FIFA 20 die Fehlermeldung Deine Verbindung zu den EA-Servern wurde unterbrochen und Unable to connect erscheint, dann sollte man natürlich als erstes die eigene Internetverbindung überprüfen und sicherstellen, dass diese ordnungsgemäß läuft. Wenn das Problem weiterhin besteht, dann liegt es vermutlich an einer.
  3. PCFielders.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com
  4. EA Unable to Connect: CONCLUSION. To review, if EA is unable to connect to any game servers, get started by checking the network server status, your account type, and if your EA account is suspended, banned, deactivated, or deleted. You should also sign out of all other devices, check the game server status, perform a power cycle, flush your DNS servers, and configure your DNS server settings.
  5. Unable to connect EA servers (Battlefield v) I bought bfv for the online multiplayer, but since the day it finished downloading I haven't been able to play online. I tried deleting and downloading the game again but it didn't work. my internet has a strict NAT type so I thought that was causing the trouble, then I switched to an open NAT connection and the problem is still there. can somebody.
  6. r/BattlefieldV: Welcome to the home of Battlefield V! Your place for discussion, help, news, reviews, questions, screenshots, videos, gifs, and

Aktuelle Störungen und Probleme bei EA. Können Sie nicht online Spielen? Geht einloggen nicht? Hier sehen Sie was los ist. Störungen Internet gut, PS5 Online keine Störung beim PS-Network und auch bei EA alles ok. Battlefield V meldet aber Unable to Connect! Multiplayer nicht spielbar. @EAHelp @PlayStationDE @Battlefield @EA_Germany 2021-03-25 01:17:30 @allestoerungen Nutzerberichte. A friend, that does not speak English, cannot connect to Europa 30 anymore, she has an acc with nick of cruzis01, I can see her acc with a score of 519286, she is in same ally that I'm, WARMONGER, I tried talk with people on chat but I've got an answer that they could not hel

-Open port , restarting router ,ps4 ,modem ,restoring licenses , tried other EA games (all worked online) , using wire connection , took off security on Origin , Date/time change , try to connect to nhl 18 into my other ps4 (still network connection issue) EA Forum unable to connect to EA servers Viele Grüße und Danke im Voraus für jede Hilfe. Christian. Gelöst! Gehe zu Lösung. 0 Kudos Antworten. Alle Kudogeber anzeigen. 1 AKZEPTIERTE LÖSUNG Akzeptierte Lösungen Highlighted. Sören M. Telekom hilft Team Lösung. Akzeptiert von ‎01.04.2020 21:47 - bearbeitet am ‎01.04.2020 21:48. Beitrag: 15 von 17. Optionen. Als neu kennzeichnen. EA Play FIFA 21 Madden NFL 21 Apex Legends Star Wars™: Squadrons Die Sims 4 It Takes Two Electronic Arts-Startseite Vorgestellte Spiele Alle Spiele Demnächst Erhältlich Free-to-Play Abonnieren PC PlayStation®4 Xbox One Nintendo Switch Mobile Abonnieren Origin eSports EA Play Live Unternehmen EA Studios Unsere Technologie EA Partner News. Now that BF5 has been available for some time, it's included in EA Play memberships. This is one of the cheapest and best ways to get access to the game, since you can start playing for around $5. The upside of this, is if you are ever banned from the game for cheating, you can simply create a new EA Play account and start playing again for another $5 Thanks for watching guys i hope this did help you. Make sure you leave a like and subscribe to help me. Peace

Behebung von Verbindungsproblemen - EA Help: Official Suppor

  1. [BF1] Unable to connect. EA support literally useless. Battlefield 1. As the title says. I'm trying to get online, keeps saying unable and refers me to the article about how to connect that basically tells me I need to make sure my Xbox Live sub is good to go. For my PC. I can't find anything about server status and reinstalling the game didn't help anything. I'm at a loss here. What do? 4.
  2. BF5 How To Report Hackers/Cheaters : PROCESS 2 with origin in-game overlay turned on, you can select them from the scoreboard, origin will open the profile and go straight to the steps mentioned above and you will able to report the potential hacker/cheater quicker in BFV(Battlefield V) much quicker
  3. Firstly, make sure that you've added the Origin and Steam clients as an exception to whatever Firewall/antivirus software you might be using. Sounds simple, but apparently this has solved the issue in a variety of cases. A VPN can also occasionally render you unable to connect to EA servers in Apex Legends
  4. Unable to connect to EA servers. 0. SaintKaiTV. 10 posts Member, Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline, Battlefield, Battlefield 1, CTE, Battlefield V Member. August 31, 2016 5:36PM. ENDEXXX wrote: » Same here, beta on PC worked fine as of yesterday up until now...so much for a flawless beta experience.. There wouldn't be a need for a beta in the first place if it were to be.

Behebung von PC-Verbindungsproblemen - EA Help: Official

I've been unable to connect to the game server for the last 30 minutes. Just wondering if this is a general issue or just me? I tried clearing cache and restarting the phone, but no luck so far. Update: After 45 mins of waiting the game logged in just fine. Sorry for the spa Die Meldung Unable to connect in Apex Legends weist darauf hin, dass der Server gerade nicht auf die für das Spiel erforderlichen Daten zugreifen kann. Liegt keine Serverwartung seitens EA oder Respawn Entertainment, LLC vor, müssen Sie selbst Hand anlegen. Der folgende Lösungsansatz sollte Ihnen dabei behilflich sein We are unable to connect to EA servers to activate BF1 on this computer using your account..... DaMooseJuice9. 3 posts Member, Battlefield, Battlefield 1 Member. October 27, 2016 12:53AM . Since launch I have gotten this message and the game has not even opened yet. It is excluded on my firewall and all ports are open. I called EA and had my origin account checked and it is in good standing. Wir haben unsere Moderationsrichtlinien für EA-Foren aktualisiert - HIER findet ihr weitere Infos dazu. Und falls ihr eure Kenntnisse der Forumsregeln auffrischen wollt, könnt ihr dies HIER tun. Unable to connect. svngigo9. 131 posts 25. Februar 2021 08:41. Hoi, ich komme in kein Spiel ! Es ladet, Ich sehe das Team vom Gegner aber bevor das Spiel losgeht habe ich einen disconnect gehts.

New games are prone to online service interruptions so it's not a surprise if many people experience being unable to go online. If you were able to play NHL 21 online without issues before and. EA servers are down today, affecting several big games, including Apex Legends, FIFA 20 and Battlefield 5. There have been a number o ----- TV News, Previews, Spoilers, Casting Scoop.

Anyone else not able to connect to BF5 servers? Error

Die aktuellsten News und Updates zu Battlefield, der Videospiel-Reihe von EA und DICE Step 4: Install an EA Play game. Once your accounts are linked, you're finally able to actually download the game in question. This will technically happen in the EA Play app, but the Xbox app. You must sign in and sign up for Battlefield V and EA emails before you can redeem your [IN-GAME ITEM]. You must sign up for the Battlefield V newsletter before you can redeem your item. You've successfully signed up to receive emails about Battlefield V and other EA news, products, events and promotions Apex Legends - Unable to connect to EA Servers (Ps4)For Data Center: Click R (Right Stick Button How to Repair Apex Legends Error Connection to server timed out/unable-to-connect for additional information.Works on Laptops, PCs and Tablets made by Samsu..

is something up with EA at the moment. keep getting message saying unable to.connect to.server Option 2: You provide evidence to EA that your child is actually of the age to age up the Origin account. To do this, you must first contact the EA Help Desk and create a case number, asking the agent to provide you the case number. The agent will then give you instructions, which is basically to send an email to DOBverification ATSIGN ea DOT. Is EA Play not working for you? If you're unable to connect to the EA Play Hub to play FIFA 21 and are seeing the Whoopsie, it looks like we've hit a snag message, read on for the fix Ive been trying to play online coop and it keeps saying it cannot connect to EA servers. I can connect to Xbox Live just fine and my friend can connect to EA servers, but Im stuck. Ive been able. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website

Si votre problème n'est toujours pas réglé, alors vous pouvez consulter l'article d'EA dédié aux problèmes de connexion ou soumettre un billet de service sur EA Help pour avoir un conseiller qui vous assistera pour le résoudre 2018年12月12日22時40分現在、「Battle Field 5(バトルフィールド5、BF5)」にて「EAサーバーとの接続が失われました」エラーが表示さえてオンライン接続が利用できない問題が発生しています。 この UNABLE TO CONNECT TO EA SERVERS FIFA 12 First of all I'm trying to send a private message to the Forum Support but dont know where to find the envelope icon to do this???? Also I contacted EA Games as I cannot connect to server. I got onto chat with support people and after going through different things they suggest I contact XBox support to confirm my date of birth. Trying to do this but. Nhl 18 unable to connect. Prev 1 2 Next. Go. Replies. Addesh99. 1 posts Member. October 5, 2017 11:38AM . Same issue for me, started just a few days ago after one update, why doesnt EA fix this issue. Did not work with above for me and it has not been a problem with my connection before or with my router. Seeam to be some other issue then the router and connection. Anyone with new ideas of how. そのため、ユーザー個別で対応できる種のトラブルではなく、運営側の障害が原因となっているものと予想されるため、ユーザー側で何か対処するのではなく、アクセスが落ち着くか、運営側が対応するのを待つようにしてみてください。 また、そもそもの各ゲームで発生しているEAサーバーの.

HOW TO FIX BATTLEFIELD 5 - You have lost connection with

  1. Unable to connect to EA server Did the server died? < > Showing 1-12 of 12 comments . Triple_Agent_AAA. Nov 1, 2018 @ 9:58am NAZI GRAMMAR BOT: The structure.
  2. g game after an App (e.g. Netflix) - Press RS to connect. Just wondering if anyone else experiencing this: You've played FIFA for a bit and then switched out to an App (e.g. Netflix, etc.) and when you're finished you've turned off the console (low-power state)
How To Fix Apex Legends “Connection To Server Timed Out

This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread PlayStation Support, PS4, PS5 Customer Service: Live Chat, Email and Telephone Numbe Volta unable to connect to EA servers? Sign in to follow this . Followers 1. Volta unable to connect to EA servers? Started by Tazwar89, October 19, 2020. 1 post in this topic. Tazwar89 0 Newbie; Member; 0 1 post; Posted October 19, 2020. I haven't played Volta in quite a while, and yesterday I tried going on, but whenever I tried, it says unable to connect. My internet is fine though, and I. You will not be able to access it from the open internet. If you need to access it from an On-premise network or specific public IP range, you can configure the VNet accordingly. An example is her

How to Fix EA Unable to connect - Super Eas

If you are actually using SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition (SqlCeConnection, SqlCeDataAdapter etc), then you are in the right place but will probably have to provide more details about your problem such as how you have configured these objects (connection strings and other similiar settings) for someone to be able to provide you additional help [Gelöst] EA not able to connect. Gestern hat es noch Funktioniert. Firefox-xGERx-683 posts Member, Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Battlefield 1, Battlefield V Member. 11. April 2017 12:40 bearbeitet April 2017. Nun, wie die Überschrift schon andeutet, funktioniert bei mir seit heute die online Funktion von Battlefield 1 nicht mehr. Hat noch jemand plötzlich die gleichen Probleme? https://www.

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EA Servers Error code: 721, unable to connect, Battlefront

  1. Unable to Connect to ea servers. mishaladamjee. 323 posts Sunday League Hero. October 31, 2016 2:31PM. PS4, been unable to connect to ea servers (splash mesage directing me to website) - anyone else? 0. Comments. Azablucky. 4462 posts National Call-Up. October 31, 2016 2:34PM. Looks like the servers are down. Loads of threads just been created throughout the forum. 0. mishaladamjee. 323 posts.
  2. I just bought the EA6500 last week. Had to RMA it on Monday and got the new one today. The issue still persists. The power light is constantly blinking and my computer is unable to obtain an IP address from it. I contacted tech support and was unable to get the issue resolved so I had it exchanged b..
  3. If all of these potential fixes fail, you'll want to turn your attention to the official EA Unable to Connect page, which includes a link to contact EA Help. Tags: Apex Legends, apex.
  4. EA Play (formerly EA Access on consoles and Origin Access on PC) is a subscription-based video game service from Electronic Arts for the Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Sony PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Windows PCs, offering access to selected games published by Electronic Arts along with additional incentives.. As launched, EA Play was pitched to both Microsoft for the Xbox.

Connection troubleshooting - EA Help: Official Suppor

I was able to connect My laptop to the router with this password and access the internet. When went to configure it through the Smart Wifi utility using the same password I can't access it. My laptop is connected but I can't access the router in the utillity. I directly connected My laptop to the router using a cat5 straight cable from My laptops Ethernet port to the router's port #1 and tried. FIFA 20 unable to connect: A number of players have not been able to connect to EA servers due to an outage. Continue reading for details and current status. Written By. Danish Ansari . EA gaming servers have been affected for a while now, preventing players from playing FIFA 20 and other popular games on their consoles. This was likely due to a major spike in user activity over the past few.

I need help! lol Ill try to explain the best i can, my friend did the regular update-before that sims 4 and all the expansion packs she bought were no longer in origin-sims 4 is still on her desktop, but you cannot get in, it says you have to activate..which i tried with the original code, in which it replied that the code was already in use...???? whats going on First of all, a huge thank you for playing in the Battlefield 1 Open Beta. It was exciting playing beside you last week. Looking at the moments you've been sharing we cannot help but feel humbled by the dedication you've shown. You've helped make this the biggest beta in EA's history - a huge feat! Look below for some highlights Posted by ItsSamar: Unable to connect to EA servers PNG, GIF, JPG, or BMP. File must be at least 160x160px and less than 600x600px As the issues hit FIFA 20 fans took to Twitter to report the server issues they were facing. One tweeted: @EAHelp are the servers down for FIFA 20 wont let me connect to EA servers

EA down: Server-Probleme und Störungen bei FIFA 20 FUT

Not being able to connect to EA Servers is obviously a big problem, as this online game requires players to be constantly sending and receiving information to and from the servers ea.com unable to connet | ea.com unable to connet | ea.com unable to connet pc | ea.com unable to connet bf1 | ea.com unable to connet bf2 | ea.com unable to c

FIFA 20, Battlefield 5 unable to connect - Bei EA sind

  1. If there are any updates from EA about the Madden 20 server maintenance, we'll be sure to update this post to let you know. For now, it's unclear when exactly players will be able to get back.
  2. Name. Version. Windows Server OS. 2016. Windows HPC Pack . 5.3.6450. Microsoft MPI. 10.0.12498.5. Number of Master Nodes . 1 [L11SGRIHPC001] Number of Compute Node
  3. unable to connect to remote server. with inner Exception A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond. i m using Machine name for connecting to web service and windows firewall is off. thanks a lot
  4. unable to connect to the ea manager sims 3 Skip to content Le KOJIKI - demande à ceux qui dorment - de Yan Allegret à été créé sur France Culture le 5 janvier 2014 à 21h - Ecouter le PODCAST
  5. Wollan

Can't connect to EA servers Xbox one : Battlefield

I am unable to connect to my VM this morning! I have a VM in US East, and after yesterdays outages which MS Says are all resolved, I am unable to connect to my VM. I have another VM which is the Domain Controller and I am able to connect to that VM. I have tried restarting the vm multiple times, when trying to log in with domain admin, it states remote computer requires NLA, and if i try local. It would also be a nice experience if you were able to connect your Xbox console to an EA account. Your EA account can then automatically be used whenever you access a game under EA on your Xbox console. It lists games such as the likes of Mass Effect, FIFA, and Harry Potter who are some of their most successful titles through the years. With that, here's how to connect the Xbox console to. I have a Windows 2000 server role as Terminal Server, users were unable to connect to their local disk when remote access to that server. The user RDP connection had enable with local disk resource to use in remote session, but is not working. · Please check your Citrix XenApp / Presentation server policies from the administration console. EA Unable to Connect Battlefront 2 721, 2021. Leave a Response Cancel reply. Comment. Name. Email. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Recent Post. World Optometry Day 2021 - About March 23rd. March 24, 2021 March 25, 2021. Walmart Going Plastic Bag Free {Mar} A Wholesale Mart ! March 24, 2021 March 25, 2021. Is Amazon 30th Anniversary Celebration. EA SERVERS DOWN - 23:00 - It would appear EA Services have returned back to normal.Go and play! Original Story - EA Servers are down once again for the second time this week and it looks like it could be huge server problems for the many Electronic Arts games. This means that FIFA 20 is down, Apex Legends is down, Battlefront, Battlefield, Madden. You got an EA logo on the game's box and some.

Unable to connect to EA Servers : origi

But when I try this from a remote PC via a VPN, which is on IP, it does not seem to be able to even see the Hyper-V service running. I can ping and RDP to the server hosting the Hyper-V system, but the Hyper-V manager is not able to connect. I tried turning off all the firewalls, but still could not get any joy Have you ever connected from your machine to a remote SQL Server? And if so, did you ever connect from your machine to Azure SQL Server? If the answer is no, I would recommend you to try this first using a server that you 100% that is configure correctly (other people connect to it OK). If this work well, then we can say that 99.9999'% the. Apex Legends Unable To Connect To EA Servers On PS4, Apex Legends Servers Down, Apex Legends PS4 Servers.Having problems with Apex Legends on PS4? If so, then there's a good chance that EA's. We can connect to exchange with the imap and pop methods, but not any other way. I very strongly suspect that a setting of some kind is wrong in the iis manager with the authentication methods, but I don't know what the settings should be in the iis manager. I am not able to connect to exchange with the exchange powershell either since the server restart I recently registered the sims 3 generations while installing it told me that the current game version I had was more recent than the one I'm installing that I would need to update my game after the installation

FIX Failed to Connect to EA Online in Battlefield 1

EA DOWN: Server Issues hit FIFA 19, Origin - Unable to connect problems latest news. EA servers are down right now for thousands of gamers, with FIFA 19, Origin Access and fellow games like Madden 19, Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Battlefied 1 experiencing issues today. Share ; By. James Wright Gaming Editor. 21:30, 1 NOV 2018; Updated 13:02, 8 SEP 2019; Tech. Video Loading. Video Unavailable. ea.com unable to connet bf4 | ea.com unable to connet bf4 | ea.com unable to connet bf1 | ea.com unable to connet bf2 | ea.com unable to connet bf5

How To Fix FIFA 21 Unable To Connect To EA Server Error

Hi, If possible, please access RD Gateway and confirm that if there is relate event has been logged about this failure RDP connection. Event log location such as below: Event Viewer -> Applications and Services Logs -> Microsoft -> Windows -> TerminalServices and RemoteDesktopServices Also, if possible, please try to connect you device to different network and check the result Tag : EA unable to connect. EA server down (unable to connect) or FIFA 21 not working? Here's what we know . Aparajita Sharma. April 28, 2021. News, Outage, Standalone. 0. Incoming is a service outage alert! Are EA servers down, or FIFA 21 game not working for you at the moment? Please be informed that the service is seemingly going through an outage in some regions which has got affected. bildungspunk.d India (Hindi: Bhārat), officially the Republic of India (Hindi: Bhārat Gaṇarājya), is a country in South Asia.It is the second-most populous country, the seventh-largest country by land area, and the most populous democracy in the world. Bounded by the Indian Ocean on the south, the Arabian Sea on the southwest, and the Bay of Bengal on the southeast, it shares land borders with Pakistan.

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